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Taylor Publishing, dba Balfour, is leading the way for the next generation yearbook. Leveraging the industry’s most effective combination of high-tech production tools, and education and service resources allows each of our customers to successfully realize its vision for a unique yearbook commemorating the organization’s most important milestones. The Taylor yearbook experience is delivered by skilled Taylor representatives who bring ideas, advice and personal commitment to every organization they support. Additionally, with our state-of-the-art software and digital printing capabilities Taylor Publishing is at the forefront of yearbook publishing.

Ultimately, our goal is to make yearbook publishing simple. Taylor Publishing creates a platform for success for yearbook faculty advisers and staffs through the delivery of educational programming that helps teams learn to develop, manage and streamline their yearbook production processes. Taylor is the only yearbook publisher who provides a complete desktop publishing application designed specifically for yearbooks, allowing organizations of all experience levels to efficiently and accurately build winning yearbooks. Additionally, our leading-edge digital printing capabilities provide customers with the opportunity to create cost-effective, full-color yearbooks. Finally, once a great book is produced, Taylor Publishing also provides sales services to help organizations market the results.

To learn more about Taylor Publishing, please visit us at www.balfour.com/yearbooks.


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