For more than a century we have been in the business of creating and marketing products that commemorate achievement and personal pride. Formed in 1996 by the merger of ArtCarved and Balfour and consisting of three operating units — Commemorative Brands Inc. (CBI), Taylor Publishing Inc. and Education Communications Inc. (ECI) — American Achievement Corporation provides a full complement of recognition and achievement products through both in-school and retail distribution. With core brands that are household names and a number of private labels sold through mass merchandisers, we blanket the market with products that forever mark life’s special moments.

Our core brands include: Balfour, ArtCarved, Keepsake, Taylor Publishing, and Who’s Who. Our private label brands include Master Class Rings, Keystone Class Rings, Dean’s List, R Johns Ltd, and Namesake Family Jewelry.

Commemorative Brands manufactures and sells class rings, graduation products and personalized affinity jewelry. Facilities are located in Austin, Texas; Waco, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; and Juarez, Mexico.
Taylor Publishing manufactures and sells yearbooks and other fine books. Facilities are located in Dallas and El Paso, Texas.

ECI publishes recognition publications to high school and college students and teachers. ECI is located in Austin, Texas.


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