Bridal Jewelry

ArtCarved Bridal Jewelry®

As one of America’s most recognized brands of bridal jewelry, ArtCarved Bridal Jewelry products are personalized and are offered by fine jewelers throughout the country. Each ArtCarved ring is hand crafted by skilled artisans and offer timeless designs, fashion-oriented styling and the level of quality with which ArtCarved is synonymous. Having popularized the tradition of the double ring ceremony, ArtCarved paved the way in promoting the matched ring set. As ArtCarved Bridal Jewelry continues to innovate, you can be sure that ArtCarved will always maintain the highest standards of quality, styling and craftsmanship.

Keepsake Fine Jewelry

Since 1930, Keepsake Fine Jewelry has been bringing customers sophisticated, elegant and timeless jewelry pieces to help celebrate some of life’s most special events. Today, Keepsake remains true to its legacy by delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices — leaving our customers feeling confident in their fine jewelry purchases. Since our earliest days Keepsake has maintained an unwavering commitment to the standards of our brand. In order to ensure the authenticity of our products, we engrave the Keepsake name on the inside of all of our rings and certify each diamond we sell with a special Keepsake Certificate of Authenticity.

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