Championship Rings

The Choice of Champions. We are famous for producing championship rings that have become the envy of the industry. Your champion athletes deserves the best.

Champ Rings

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Congratulations on a great season.

The honor of wearing a Championship Ring is now a reality.  Balfour, the industry leader in ring design innovations, is ready to help you design and create your ring today!  The exquisite craftsmanship of the Balfour artisans produces a ring of such exceptional depth, intricacy, clarity, and balance that they are, in fact, recognizable at a glance.

We have a longstanding tradition of producing the rings that celebrate these athletic victories. Since 1943 Balfour has been producing highly sought after championship rings for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes. Players from the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, New York Rangers, to the New York Yankees have all chosen Balfour rings to symbolize their Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series victories. Numerous collegiate level, national and conference champions proudly wear the Balfour ring.

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Each championship ring is carefully designed to showcase the traditional symbols inherent to the team or franchise. The experts at Balfour use their decades of experience and precision detailing to handcraft a championship ring that honors your championship. You help us design it and we will make your dream ring!

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Coaches, if you would like your winning team or athlete to have the honor of wearing a Balfour championship ring,
please contact us at Championship Information.

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