Letter Jackets

The few, the proud! The highly coveted letter jacket trumpets your athletic achievements for years to come. You definitely deserve a jacket that showcases your passion for the sport, hard work and athletic ability. Wearing a Balfour letter jacket honors the spirit of the game and the athletes that wear them.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our premium-quality award jackets are famous for their:

  • Superior Quality
  • Traditional Styling
  • Design Innovation

Our premium jackets use expert styling and are sewn using wool, leather, and chenille.

JacketsLetter Jacket

  • Sewn with superior-quality vinyl, wool and leather
  • Made with genuine cow leather
  • Made to withstand stains, abrasions and scuffing

Chenille Letters and PatchesBalfour_Varsity_Jackets_straight_wTailandStars-copy

  • Use double border felt for extra durability
  • Feature high-grade threading to reduce tearing or peeling
  • Have more stitches per patch for more detailed design

Request Information

We look forward to making your letter jacket. If you have any questions or need additional help,
please email us at Jackets@balfour.com

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