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QR Codes

QR codes — short for Quick Response codes — are a more powerful form of traditional bar codes. While the barcodes you see on packages and price tags encode data horizontally, QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in a series of squares. This makes QR codes an ideal tool for linking from print […]

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Press & Investors

BAL4.TV makes Balfour the first to market with a yearbook-connected video platform. We’re going beyond instruction and printing, actually hosting and protecting educators’ digital content for a guaranteed 30 years. For nearly 100 years, Balfour has been a pioneer in bringing students the latest products to celebrate their achievements. We look forward to seeing the […]

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Resources for Students

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Only video can thoroughly capture your glee club’s tribute to Michael Jackson, or the ace serve that clinched this year’s volleyball championships. Linking video, audio and slideshows to your printed yearbook via QR codes makes it more fun to read tomorrow, and […]

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Investor Information

Financial Reports American Achievement Corporation (AAC) is privately held and does not make its financial information available to the public. However, (i) holders of the Senior Secured Notes due 2016 (the “Notes”) issued by AAC, (ii) certain prospective investors in the Notes, (iii) security analysts who cover or intend to cover the Company and the […]

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On Trend

Wrap yourself in it, dangle it or wear it on your head, the big trend this year is about making it your year. Shout out your pride and passion to friends and family through all four seasons.

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Yearbooks: The Story of the Year, Featuring You It’s the official publication of the school year: The yearbook. The ultimate limited-edition book, yearbooks are one-of-a-kind keepsakes that your students and their families will refer to year after year. Balfour Yearbooks is proud to partner with schools of every type around the world to capture the memories, friends and events that make each school year unique. About Us […]

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For Graduation

Personalized Graduation Announcements Make an announcement! Graduation announcements are a traditional way to tell the world about your academic accomplishments. Balfour works with your college to specifically design a graduation announcement that captures the unique look and feel of your university. Our elegant announcements include classic inner and outer envelopes. Thank You Notes Show your […]

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Class Rings

Styles & Options The time-honored tradition of a college ring allows you to forge a bond with fellow classmates, alumni and the university. All college rings are custom crafted just for you by specialized Balfour craftsmen. More than 35 operations contribute to the creation of one single handcrafted Balfour ring. The prominent university features are […]

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Class Pride

Step out while standing out. Tees, sweats and more that shout out your class pride. Every new activity deserves recognition of your accomplishment. Whatever your passion, Balfour has more than two ways for you to display your uniqueness.

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