College Of Charleston Charleston, SC

College Of Charleston Charleston, SC

College Of Charleston Charleston, SC

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The Official CofC Ring

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2018 Ring Ceremony

Joined by family and friends, students will receive their official College of Charleston rings at this much revered ceremony.  The event will include remarks from College dignitaries about the history and significance of the College ring.  The recipients will then be asked to answer for themselves: ""What will the ring mean to you?"" as they graduate and move through their lives as alumni.  Congratulations will follow at an enjoyable reception. Your Official College of Charleston Ring will be presented to you at the traditional Ring Ceremony Thursday, March 1st, 2018 in the TD Arena. College of Charleston will send each of you a formal invitation to the ceremony with all the details. Family and friends are welcome to attend.


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"The Official College of Charleston Class Ring is a link in an unbroken line of classmates and friends.  The times will change, but the ring will not.  People will change, but the spirit will live on.  The College of Charleston tradition will continue."
- Marion T. Diog, Class of '65,
Past President
College of Charleston Alumni Association.


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