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The Official Ring Program Manual

Thank you for visiting. This site provides an online resource for our Official Ring partners. Our goal is to strengthen the tradition of the college ring and provide some insights of the benefits associated with adopting an Official Ring program. Balfour also sponsors workshops throughout the country where a community of administrators share methods for creating meaningful ring traditions on their campuses. Let us know if you have questions of your own at:

Table of Contents

  1. Making the Case for An Official Ring – An Executive Summary
  2. History of the College Ring Industry
  3. The Fellowship of the Ring
  4. Elements of a Successful Official Ring Program
  5. Marketing and Program Implementation
  6. Selling the Student on the Official Ring Concept
  7. Campus Culture and the Role of an Official Ring Tradition
  8. Suggestions for the Official Ring Ceremony
  9. Effective Steps to a Thriving Official Ring Tradition
  10. Creative Ways to Educate Underclassmen

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