Yearbook Advisers

We are your yearbook partners! The professionals at Balfour have over 70 years of experience putting together yearbooks, education materials and workshops that make the process stress-free and fun. Discover why every year schools around the world count on the resources and services at Balfour.

Your Yearbook Representativeybyb elements playbook

A Balfour representative works in your neighborhood. Your representative will assist you throughout the yearbook creation process and assure that you have an enjoyable experience, supplies and a fantastic book.

To find your local Balfour Publishing representative, please call 1-800-677-2800 and ask for Sales or email us at

Education Resourcessb bro with shadow

Award-winning resources. Creating a yearbook is an immensely rewarding learning opportunity. Our award-winning education team brings years of classroom experience to our line of journalism education resources. Balfour’s commitment to learning has won the universal admiration of principals, yearbook advisers and students around the world. Learn how we can support you both in and out of the classroom. Learn More

Yearbook ToolsSW _ BT bro with shadow

Better yearbook creation tools. Whatever your preference and skill level, Balfour has easy-to-use design and technology resources to meet your needs. We’ll help bring even your most complex yearbook designs to life, quickly and easily. Learn More

Yearbook Workshops

Hands-on Learning. Learn yearbook first-hand at a Balfour one-of-a-kind workshop. Workshops are held throughout the year and feature highly interactive instruction in all areas of yearbook production, photography and copywriting. Events are available for the entire staff or for advisers only. Learn More


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If you have trouble finding your school, please try the following tips:

  1. Search by school name and city. Example, "washington high dallas".
  2. Search by school zip code. For example, instead of the school name you can search by the school's zip code. Beverly Hills High School could be located by searching "90210".

If you still cannot locate your school, please contact Balfour Customer Support, and we will be glad to help you.