A ready resource. As a leader in scholastic journalism education, Balfour has produced over 200 million books for students around the world. From our award-winning education team to in-depth educational materials, schools around the country count on Balfour to help with their journalism curriculum needs.

Yearbook Curriculum

For anyone teaching yearbook in a classroom setting, Balfour’s yearbook curriculum is an invaluable resource and time-saver. Aligned with Common Core State Standards, advisers will find an 11-week curriculum with everything essential for yearbook instruction, including day-by-day lesson plans, student handouts & worksheets, assessments, and teaching shows.

Elements MagazineElements_Fall-2016

Each issue of elements, our exclusive yearbook magazine, is packed with timely information and tips for advisers on trends, writing, design, technology and photography. Our experienced advisers share cooperative learning activities, marketing strategies, evaluation strategies, content development and more.

Sparking your imagination

Yearbook Yearbook, our inspirational design annual, showcases the best cover designs, theme development and content spreads from more than 400 schools across the country. Yearbook Yearbook serves up countless ideas you can use to create your own award-winning book.

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All things yearbookyb playbook14 with shadow

Make your book amazing with this helpful workbook covering ‘all things yearbook’ – from theme, design and coverage to photography, copy and finances. With Balfour’s easy-to-understand Yearbook Playbook, your design can showcase the content, the people and events that made the year memorable. Get one for every member of your staff!


We’ve got newspapers coverednewspaper playbook14 with shadow

Some of the greatest challenges faced by newspaper staffs include finding content, deciding on coverage and knowing the basics of reporting and writing. Our Newspaper Playbook workbook gives them exciting opportunities to improve content and coverage through practice.


Never stop learning

Multi-day summer resident/commuter Student Workshops provide intensive training in all areas of yearbook production, layout and design, copy-writing, photography and desktop publishing. Designed to spark creativity and enthusiasm, these highly interactive workshops will save valuable classroom time at the beginning of the school year.

Fire up your journalism skills at one of our three-day Adviser Workshops in Dallas, Texas. New and experienced advisers alike will learn great techniques, staff/project management tips and creative ideas for their publications. Technology and software training especially for advisers is also offered.

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