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Yearbook Workshops

Hands-on Learning. Learn yearbook first-hand at a Balfour one-of-a-kind workshop. Workshops are held throughout the year and feature highly interactive instruction in all areas of yearbook production, photography and copywriting. Events are available for the entire staff or for advisers only.

Adviser Development Workshops

Whether you’re new or experienced to yearbook advising, we have the perfect forum to help you hone your yearbook skills. Balfour has created a development workshop series that showcases skills learned from yearbook experts. This valuable instruction is tiered for varying skill levels based on experience and school size.

Intensity Workshops

Want to exchange ideas with other yearbook advisers face-to-face? Balfour’s Intensity Workshops are an opportunity for advisers to steal their staffs away to spend an intense one- or two-day session exchanging ideas, gaining inspiration and refining their yearbook plans.