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Yearbook Sales Resources

Resources to help your school sell its yearbook and yearbook ads.

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Online sales of your yearbook, accessories and ads is an effective way to reach more buyers. That’s why we created the Marketplace and These websites, customized specifically for your school’s yearbook and accessory sales, eliminate the hassle of collecting money from your students and make the ordering process easy, safe and convenient. We offer personalized e-marketing & direct mail campaigns. You can control your yearbook’s pricing & options and track your sales progress online 24/7.

The best yearbook is a sold-out yearbook

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It’s the ultimate goal and highest compliment – a yearbook ‘sell out.’ Too often students and parents aren’t aware of the yearbook sale until it’s too late. Balfour’s Show & SELL program is a simple guide to marketing the yearbook. Staffs will receive a marketing guide, a flash drive with step-by-step instructions, a planning poster, along with monthly promotional tips & ideas from Balfour.

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Increase sales with the Yearbook Paybook! This simple 15-page workbook guide will help you understand sales planning, focus groups, PR, sales messaging and follow-up marketing so you may produce a financially-successful yearbook.

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