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Yearbook Tools

Whatever your preference and skill level, Balfour has an easily accessible technology to meet your needs. Whether it's desktop publishing or marketing your book, we'll help you get it done quickly and easily.

Yearbook design made easy:SW bro with shadow


Looking for a comprehensive online yearbook solution? We have perfected our exclusive program to make yearbook design easy to learn and fun to use. From design inspiration to organizing content to final submission, you can easily manage the yearbook process through StudioWorks.

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A powerful plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®:

balfourToolsBT new bro with shadow

BalfourTools, our comprehensive yearbook plug-in for Adobe InDesign, lets you easily track and manage the status of your publication’s documents and images from a single folder. BalfourTools automates the time-consuming steps in producing a yearbook and allows all yearbook files to be shared across a network, making it easy to save and find files.

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Publishing technology that’s right for youmore_options revised

In addition to the popular choices above, we support many other publishing applications. Whether you prefer to work online or on the desktop, ask your Balfour representative to show you our full array of options.

eYearbooks: the first truly interactive yearbook

eYearbook_Logo_Black copyBalfour eYearbooks are mobile versions of the yearbook for your print yearbook buyers that students can view on a computer or mobile device. You retain complete control of distribution, and we’ll handle all of the file conversion and distribution, alleviating extra work for your staff. Add videos, photos and audio, without adding page count to your printed book.

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BAL4.TV: your yearbook enhancedbal4TV_sw

By linking QR codes in your yearbook to multimedia, you can extend your yearbook coverage. And it’s amazingly simple to do! Give students a creative platform for capturing memories, and amazing things can happen – from video tributes to silly slideshows, BAL4.TV is transforming the way students remember school. Along the way, they’re not only applying the fundamentals of print journalism and design, but learning about videography and mobile technology.

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