Half Helmet

Uncategorized / November 11th, 2016

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Show It Off

This unique display is perfect for the player’s bedroom or gameroom, the coach’s office, a local business, the lockerroom, a doctor’s office, or an alumni center.

Designed For

Football players, coaches and fans
to show their team pride.

Strong Craftmanship

Full-size Riddell® Football Helmet with team decal and colors.


Customizable nameplate with space for school/team logo, player name, position, jersey number, school name, recognition/ accomplishments.

Variety of Plaque Colors

Mounted on your choice of three different wood types featuring a beautiful piano finish


Plaque Specifications:
  • Plaque: 21″w x 21″h
  • Name Plate: 6″w x 4″h
  • weight: 6-7 lbs


To celebrate another exciting season of football, we’re offering a Season Wrap-Up Special of the Half Helmet Commemorative Plaque priced at $129.99. Your football team’s full size Riddell® helmet is uniquely displayed along with a fully customizable nameplate to show off the team’s success and/or player’s achievements. The perfect way for players, coaches and fans to proudly support their team.

Offer Valid Through February 1, 2017


He’s left blood, sweat and tears on the field…

now is your chance to give him something very special in return.

The Half Helmet Commemorative Plaque is a perfect gift for the graduating seniors on the team. The full size Riddell® team helmet is uniquely displayed alongside a fully customizable nameplate that can include the player’s name, jersey number, position, and any team or personal accomplishments during his playing days.

This very impressive half helmet plaque will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

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