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High School

Hooray for High School! Every high school student makes the grade with Balfour products. Since 1917, Balfour's passion has been to celebrate life-defining moments. So whether you are looking for a class ring, championship ring, yearbook, or letter jacket, we have products that applaud your academic achievements.

High School Rings

First steps toward greatness.  Congratulations on taking the important first step toward achieving your dreams. A custom high school ring captures the excitement and emotions of your high school experience. The design experts at Balfour are happy to give you the tools for you to customize a ring you will proudly wear.  Learn More

High School Yearbooks

Find a home for your photos.  Senior year is filled with anticipation, excitement and monumental events. Your high school yearbook captures these important milestones. You can trust your memories to Balfour, the yearbook publishing leader since 1938.  Learn More

High School Graduation Products

Celebrate your success!  It’ll be easy for you to tell the world about your high school achievements with Balfour graduation announcements. For nearly 100 years, Balfour has been dedicated to creating traditional graduation products that allow you to showcase this important milestone in your life. Learn More

High School Letter Jackets

To the letter.  Traditionally, earning a letter for your school is an honor awarded to a special few. Now you can show off your passions and hobbies by wearing a school letter jacket that applauds your achievements in band, choir, dance, sports and every one of your school passions.  Learn More