Military Rings

Balfour Military provides an extensive line of personalized rings that represent the commitment, traditions and friendships military members honor while serving our country. Each Balfour ring is a custom-crafted symbol of the spirit and integrity of the military service.

Balfour Military Rings can be found on the following bases:

    • Fort Benning Rings
      Fort Benning
      Custom Jewelry by Balfour
    • Fort Hood Rings
      Fort Hood
      Custom Jewelry by Balfour
    • Fort Sill Rings
      Fort Sill
      Nacol’s Jewelry
    • Fort Jackson Rings
      Fort Jackson
      Custom Jewelry by Balfour
    • Lackland AFB Rings
      Lackland Air force Base
      Balfour Military Awards
    • Fort Stewart Rings
      Fort Stewart
      Riceland Enterprises
    • Fort Bliss Rings
      Fort Bliss
      Great American’s Military Rings
    • Parris Island Rings
      Parris Island
      Custom Jewelry by Balfour

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The Process of Crafting Your Military Ring

Designing Experts

Balfour is a proven leader in military ring design, designing some of the earliest rings worn by West Point Academy cadets. Our experienced designers have crated an extensive line of personalized rings that represent the commitment, traditions and friendships of your military career.

Precision Toolmaking

Our cutting-edge technology allows for intricate and precise detail to be rendered in the ring molds used to customize military rings.

Making a Wax Pattern

In this step, our craftsmen use the ring molds to produce a wax replica of your ring. The goal is make sure that every detail you’ve chosen is perfect.

Traditional Cast Making

Cast making is a multistep process that is thousands of years old. First, a plaster is poured over the wax, and then the wax is melted to create a mold. Next, the molten material you selected (gold, silver or Celestrium) is poured into your mold to harden. Finally, your casted mold moves through a series of ovens at precise temperatures to provide strength and luster. Your ring is starting to become a reality.

Detail Enhancement

The metal casting of your ring is carefully shaped by our master craftsmen to reveal the beauty of the materials and the details of the design you selected.


Depending on the finish you selected, we can add a dark coating to the recesses of your ring to highlight the intricate details and designs.

Final Polishing

To make your ring truly shine, we have a special highlighting step that pulls out individual details in your ring.


As a final customization step, using our precision-based tools, we will engrave the name, date or message of your choice on the inside of your ring.

Final Inspection

Each handcrafted Balfour ring is individually inspected to provide you with the highest level of workmanship. You can now take as much pride in your ring as you do with your military career.


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