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Give their memories a home. You remember their first day of school, their first recital and their graduation. Our graduation products help you make the most out of preserving their achievements and showcasing their special first moments. We look forward to working with you, your child and their school.

Primary School

Balfour helps you make the most of your child’s first step in academic achievement. Capture their pivotal moments with our specially designed memory and graduation products. Learn More

High School

For nearly 100 years, we have designed custom rings, graduation products and yearbooks that celebrate the passions and academic achievements of high school students. Trust your child’s unique high school experience to Balfour. Learn More


Balfour is the leader in ring design and college yearbooks with a commitment to exceptional customer service. Create your student’s ring, order their yearbook or other college mementos that encapsulate their passions and achievements. Learn More


Celebrate Their Patriotism. Mom and Dad, show the world how proud you are of your son or daughter’s military commitment. Balfour is honored to offer you a select collection of quality military rings and specialty publications. Our expertise and craftsmanship will deliver personalized military products that will last for generations. Learn More


Champion style! Whether a state or city championship, you can be proud to give your athlete products that show off their achievement. Balfour is honored to offer your athlete an extensive collection of quality championship rings and letter jackets. Our winning combination of expertise and craftsmanship will deliver prized products that will last for generations. Learn More

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  2. Search by school zip code. For example, instead of the school name you can search by the school's zip code. Beverly Hills High School could be located by searching "90210".

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