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Uncategorized / October 30th, 2012

If Your Ring Needs Adjustment or Repair

Please complete the Ring Adjustment Form. Ship your ring in a padded envelope along with the ring adjustment form using a traceable service such as the Post Office, UPS or Federal Express. Send your ring to:

Balfour College Repairs
7211 Circle S Road, Building C
Austin, TX 78745


Balfour College Repairs
P.O. Box 149207
Austin, TX 78714-9207

Please enclose a letter of instruction, return address and a daytime phone number. If repair requests are not covered under warranty, you will be advised of any charges prior to repair. Please see the Limited Lifetime Warranty for warranty details. Please remit a $14.95 shipping/handling/insurance charge with your ring.

At times, a product submitted for repair cannot be fixed. In this situation, the company reserves the right to remake the product. If you do not wish your ring to be remade, you MUST indicate so in your instructions and we will return it to you in the exact condition in which it was submitted.

Repair Charges

Many repairs are covered at no charge as a benefit of our Lifetime Warranty. Some items may be charged a minimal labor fee. We will not proceed with your repair until we notify you of pending charges and receive your approval. After reviewing the chargeable repair schedule, include a credit card number on the College Ring Adjustment Form to proceed with your repairs without delay.

For more details see Chargeable Repair Schedule below.

Turnaround Time for Adjustments

The average turnaround on an adjustment is 2-4 weeks. If you have a specific question, please contact us directly at 877-Balfour (877-225-3687).

Chargeable Repair Schedule

Description of Service or Repair Charge
Resizing* No Charge
Cleaning and polishing No Charge
Change graduation date No Charge
Change degree or curriculum No Charge
Replace damaged or defective simulated stone No Charge
Replace defective encrusting No Charge
Change defective genuine stone No Charge
Change incorrect engraving No Charge
Add or change engraving $25
Refurbish ring** $25
Change simulated stone to another color or change stone enhancements $45
Change genuine stone to another color or change stone enhancements $45 plus any difference in cost of genuine stones
Change school name $85 for non-gold alloys; $135 for gold
Change finish (antique to natural or natural to antique) $85 for non-gold alloys; $135 for gold
Change style $85 for non-gold alloys; $135 for gold plus cost between different style types
Change metal quality $85 for non-gold alloys; $135 for gold plus difference in metal grades
Shipping, handling and insurance (for return of repaired rings)*** $14.95 (UPS ground)
$19.95 (second day)
$24.95 (overnight)

Many repairs stated above are option changes and are not covered by Balfour’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Replacement of genuine stones and diamonds is not covered by Balfour’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

*$50 charge for rings purchased before 1972

** Refurbishing services include cleaning, polishing, tightening or replacing stone, replacing epoxy, removing surface scratches, replacing antiquing (if applicable) and repairing dented bezels.

***Sales tax and return shipping, handling and insurance will be added to the repairs listed above (repairs due to defects in workmanship or materials will be excluded from return shipping charges).

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