The Ring—A World of Meaning

Each traditional ring symbolically captures the uniqueness of Auburn University. The first thing you notice is the instantly recognizable, interlocking “AU.” Each side of the ring has an eagle—one symbolically facing the past, the other the future. On the side depicting the rich heritage of the past is the University Seal as well as the founding date, 1856. The Auburn Mission Statement is reflected in the words on the Seal: Instruction, Research, and Extension. The Dinner Ring depicts the Auburn University Seal, surrounded by 16 diamonds/CZs. The stones represent the 16 letters in “Auburn University”.

Juniors and seniors wear the ring with the school name facing them. Upon the granting of degrees at Commencement, graduates turn the ring around, with the name facing outward. This symbolizes that the graduate is now ready to face the world.

All rings involved in the special delivery ceremony will spend time on the Auburn University Seal in front of Langdon Hall. The special Ring Night Ceremony begins by placing all ceremony rings on the Seal at exactly 6:56 P.M. (1856 military time – 1856 being the founding date of Auburn University) and removed at exactly the ring presentation year in military time. Rings will then be delivered to recipients at a special presentation ceremony a few days later to have the “curse” of being on the Seal removed by dipping the ring in water from the University President’s fountain, while still keeping the aura of the Auburn Spirit alive in each specially crafted ring.


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