The right to wear the Colby ring is an achievement that is earned. The ring is the tangible symbol of a student’s bond with the College, and with the almost two centuries of graduates who have preceded them in the Colby experience. The Ring ceremony is designed to celebrate and honor the ring recipient’s achievement with special elements that tie to Colby’s history

The elements in our ring ceremony were designed with student input. As part of the ceremony, students put on their rings together, for the first time, when the Miller Library clock tower reads 6:13PM. This symbolizes Colby's establishment date of 1813. Prior to the ceremony the rings travel all the way to the top of Miller Library to Colby's Blue Light, and spend the night in the library tower. The rings' presence in the tower is written on the building interior walls, with the names of the very few others who have made the climb. The rings also travel to our Library Special Collections archive, and to the 1812 document that is the hand scribed meeting notes of the trustee meeting where Colby's original charter was drafted. Alumni representatives, and the College President are on hand to congratulate students on their new role as wearers of the Colby ring.


Order your ring today, and be a part of this Colby tradition.




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