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Carpe diem! On your special day, Balfour makes it easy to seize the moment with our official college graduation products. For almost a century, Balfour has been dedicated to quality handcrafted rings, graduation announcements, yearbooks and letter jackets that capture the true spirit of what it means to graduate from college.

Official College Rings

Balfour designers work closely with your college or university to capture its symbolism and traditions. More than 35 skilled operations contribute to the creation of one single, hand-crafted Balfour ring. Learn More

College Yearbooks

Ahead of the curve. Only a yearbook can preserve the defining moments with friends and classmates as well as the accomplishments and events of your college years. This limited-edition book provides a time capsule that you will refer to year after year. Five or 50 years from now, only a college yearbook can chronicle your hard work, achievements and memories with friends. Learn More

College Graduation Products

Making the grade. Balfour’s collection of graduation accessories allows you to proudly show your high marks. Showcase your achievement with personalized announcements and thank those who supported your accomplishments with certificates of appreciation. Learn More

College Letter Jackets

Announce your accomplishments. The highly coveted college letter jacket trumpets your achievements and is a traditional way to show off your passions and success in the sports and activities you’ve loved over the years. A college letter jacket is another popular product that symbolizes a long-revered American tradition. Learn More