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Balfour, the leader in school tradition, is the company colleges and universities depend on most to help their students get prepared for graduation, and to assist faculty and commencement staff manage all the details of the ceremony itself. We understand what it takes to plan and execute a perfect commencement for your graduates and academic community. It’s time to celebrate, order your cap and gown today.

Cap & Gowns



  • Elastic on each side allows for one-size-fits-all comfort and a proper appearance
  • available in a soft cap
  • Full width rigid board to maintain proper form
  • Deep crown for smooth appearance and ease of wearing


  • Ample tapered shirred yoke
  • High-quality nylon automatic self locking zipper
  • Stitched front panel to give a pleat-like appearance
  • Full bell sleeves
  • Available in more than 25 sizes

Gown Styles



M2000 is our most popular and affordable fabric. Made with a 100% polyester knit featuring a brilliant satin finish. Knit polyester makes it light-weight and crease resistant.

  • Brilliant satin finish
  • Available in an industry leading 26 colors
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Fabric designed to reduce show-through
Available Colors


Ultra Green

UltraGreen™ is an excellent choice for both your school and the environment. Made with a 100% post consumer recycled textile, manufactured from recycled plastic PET bottles in a crease resistant satin finish.

  • 100% polyester fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!
  • Each gown keeps 23 to 27 plastic bottles out of landfills
  • Return it to be recycled after graduation!
  • Soft, comfortable, crease resistant
  • Premium look and feel of a high quality rental gown
Available Colors




Freedom is our number one choice for college and university customers. Made with woven polyester in a crease resistant matte finish. The woven polyester is light weight and drapes beautifully.

  • Comfortable lightweight fabric
  • Durable and stately appearance
  • Very crease resistant
  • Matte finish photographs beautifully
Available Colors


student rental


A simple, affordable solution to reward
your students with a formal graduation experience. Our state of the art registration and return tracking system make rentals an easy choice for beautifying the ceremony at your school.

  • Rental is Sustainable
  • Rental is Responsible
  • Rental is Green
  • and now, Rental is easy!
Available Colors


Gown Personalization

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The perfect Solution for your Graduation – Online Ordering

Balfour understands that today’s university wants a customized online resource for managing regalia orders for its graduates and faculty. We therefore offer two great solutions: one that handles “paid” transactions for graduates, and another that handles “paid” or “reservation-only” orders for graduates or faculty. Both solutions are custom-branded for you school, and both support popular “ship to home” or “fulfillment from stock” delivery methods. Ask Balfour for a demonstration of these state-of the-art online solutions today.

Graduate Paid Solution

Balfour’s customized, full service website allows graduates to easily select and order all your academic regalia selections. Graduation announcements and your school ring can also be offered at this site. Graduates simply point and click to select and order their regalia packages, and they pay the retail price you designate for each item. Payments for merchandise are made by credit card, and shipped directly to the student’s home for a nominal shipping and handling charge. The site allows you to designate customized ordering deadlines, retail prices and regalia packages.

Registration Solution

Balfour’s online registration system allows graduates to register and order regalia, pay graduation fees, receive confirmation, and amend their registration; eliminating this tiresome work for your school. Balfour’s faculty registration solution offers the same robust features as our graduate solution. Our faculty portal collects accurate registrations or payments for regalia orders and then efficiently sets up delivery shipments to individual addresses or one campus office address. At any point, your faculty administrator can download a current list of graduate or faculty registrations, or monitor the registrations in real-time by ceremony date, graduate name, or degree. Balfour’s in-house representatives are always a toll-free call away to answer any questions your faculty or graduates may have.


Balfour understands that every institution and commencement event is unique, and that one regalia solution does not fit every institution. That’s why we offer two environmentally-responsible, green solutions designed to perfectly fit your needs. Choose from these outstanding green solutions:


Over the course of its lifespan, one reusable Balfour rental gown represents 45 pounds of souvenir gowns that would otherwise end up in landfills. Through our sustainable cycle, our rental gowns have kept 5.25 million pounds of waste out of landfills in the past decade. Reusing gowns drastically reduces the impact that the manufacturing process places on the environment. Our environmentally friendly rental program eliminates disposable gowns altogether, keeping the waste of souvenir gowns out of the landfill. Balfour gowns are made from long-lasting beautiful fabrics guaranteed to look great on your graduation day. These rental gowns are also available in a wide selection of colors.

Souvenir Ultragreen™

Our environmentally friendly UltraGreen™ gown is a lightweight, crease-resistant, environmentally friendly fabric choice. Available in an industry-leading eight color selections (just because you want to be green doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your school’s colors), UltraGreen™ gowns are composed entirely of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles—soda or water bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. From the materials we source and use in gown manufacturing, to our unique gown rental programs, to selecting vendors that lead the industry in renewable energy initiatives (for example, Ingenco Design, a company that harvests methane gas to run their plants), Balfour has been a pioneer and industry leader in sustainable resource management – our many shades of green.

Use of Energy Star rated products

  • Replacement of office and warehouse lighting with high efficiency fluorescent lighting
  • Use of organic based dyes
  • Use of recycled shipping and packaging materials
  • Machine washable rental regalia with use of eco-friendly detergents
  • Environmentally friendly shipping process • Development of paperless student ordering and payment system

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and processes to make them more environmentally friendly.

Finest Quality Regalia

For nearly a century, our custom regalia has been worn by graduates and faculty with pride. All of the gowns in Balfour’s custom line offer full fluting over the shoulders, broad, rich velvet panels and doctoral bars, distinctive front pleated panels and zipper closure. From our full-custom, hand finished Oxford gown to our traditional, economical Exeter gown, our product line is defined by high-quality craftsmanship, beautiful and durable fabrics, and authentic, academically appropriate designs.

Custom Regalia

The Oxford

Tailored on a traditional pattern the Oxford gown represents the finest quality in craftsmanship, fabric and features; with lined bell sleeves, cuffs and buttons. The Oxford gown offers the wearer complete choice of the very finest black or popular degree color silk velvets, all carefully straight stitched in place and elegantly trimmed in gold metallic, silver metallic or degree specific piping.

Deluxe Gown

The Deluxe

Our premium doctoral gown. Traditional style pleats, fully-lined sleeves, a deluxe button and braided cord on the back with zipper front closure give this hand-crafted and custom-tailored outfit a distinctive appearance. Rich velvet doctoral bars on each sleeve with velvet panels down the front of the gown add to the superior look of this gown.

andover gown

The Andover

Our economical quality doctoral gown at a budget price. Open sleeves, relaxed fluting over the shoulders and around the back of the yoke with zipper front closure give this hand-crafted and semi-custom-tailored outfit a distinctive appearance. Velvet doctoral bars on each sleeve with velvet panels down the front of the gown add to the superior look of this gown.


The Exeter

Our economical quality doctoral gown at a budget price. Open sleeves, relaxed fluting over the shoulders and around the back of the yoke with zipper front closure give this hand-crafted and semi-custom-tailored outfit a distinctive appearance. Velvet doctoral bars on each sleeve with velvet panels down the front of the gown add to the superior look of this gown.

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