College Letterman

Show off your accomplishments! The highly coveted college letterman displays either your athletic achievements or your commitment to a college activity. Balfour letterman celebrate your passion for your sport and commitment to excellence. Our college letterman are a popular product that symbolizes a long-revered American tradition.

Letterman: Championship College Jacket

Championship College Jacket

Letterman: Coach's Jacket

Coach’s Jacket

You are the champion. If athletic ability qualifies you to letter than you deserve to wear the best. Since 1913, Balfour has been leading choice in scholastic recognition and a letterman is the time honored symbol of athletic excellence. Wearing the highly coveted Balfour letterman will proudly showcase your athletic achievement for years to come.

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Expert Craftsmanship

Our premium-quality award jackets are famous for their:

– Superior Quality
– Traditional Styling
– Design Innovation

Choose from the widest selection of chenille award letters and patches.

– Sewn with superior-quality vinyl, wool and leather
– Made with genuine cow leather
– Made to withstand stains, abrasions and scuffing

Chenille Letters and Patches
– Use double border felt for extra durability
– Feature high-grade threading to reduce tearing or peeling
– Have more stitches per patch for more detailed design

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Coaches, if you would like your winning team or athlete to have the honor of wearing a Balfour letterman, please contact us for more information or to place your letterman order at:


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