Primary School Yearbooks

Preserve Your Memories

Primary School YearbooksOnly a primary school yearbook can preserve your personal memories of friends and classmates and showcase accomplishments and events during these important first years.

The experts at Balfour give you resources to create a limited-edition yearbook that provides a time capsule of primary school firsts that you’ll refer to year after year. Five or 50 years from now, you’ll flip back to your yearbook to remember your great times and memories with special friends.

A yearbook is a memory book… 
By capturing memorable moments in words and pictures, the yearbook helps readers experience those times over and over again. It provides a jumping off point to relate personal experiences and reflections to others.

A yearbook is a history book…
When historians look for material, they examine archival research materials. The yearbook provides names, faces, dates, etc. It captures the personalities of people quoted in text. It is an invaluable community resource.

A yearbook is a reference book… 
By containing accurate scores, names, titles and honors, the yearbook is used as a reference by teachers, students, librarians, secretaries  and administrators to identify people and verify information.

About Balfour Yearbooks

Picture perfect. For almost 100 years, Balfour yearbooks have documented the passions, milestones and memories of students like you. So whether you are a volunteer coordinating a memory book for your child’s primary school or you are an academic coordinator for a journalism program, our easy-to-use systems allow you to create a first-quality yearbook publication.

Balfour works with thousands of schools around the world to provide a positive yearbook experience. Our systems are designed to help you carefully chronicle events and life stages. Through our comprehensive yearbook programs, we are able to bring people, technology and experiences together.

Our yearbook team is dedicated to providing the tools, inspiration and guidance to help you put together a limited-edition yearbook at an affordable price.


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