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BAL4.TV Overview

BAL4.TV is an online platform from Balfour that allows you to safely and securely incorporate audio, video and other digital content into your printed yearbook — making it more engaging and desirable.

With BAL4.TV, a graduate can pull a printed yearbook off the shelf in 2020, view photos from his debate club days, and then using a smartphone, tablet, or computer — link directly to a video for the team’s state championship win.

By scanning a QR code — a new kind of bar code — it’s easy to enrich your printed yearbook by instantly linking to related video. All BAL4.TV QR codes have a short URL printed underneath, providing video access to those who don’t have a QR code scanner.

Simple to Use

The BAL4.TV platform makes it easy for you to expand your yearbook coverage through the storytelling power of video. Use one secure login to do the following:

  • Download unique QR codes
  • Insert QR codes directly into your yearbook design files
  • Upload, review, edit, update and approve videos
  • Personalize your school’s BAL4.TV channel

Safe and Secure

Security is our top priority. Users must scan the QR code in their printed yearbooks or type in the unique short URL beneath it to access videos. There will be no way to search for videos; you must have the unique QR code or URL to access your content online.

Accessible for Decades

BAL4.TV guarantees your digital content’s availability for the next 30 years. Unlike free, online video services, Balfour has committed resources to ensure that your videos will remain available and current with new video formats for decades.

Supported by Training

To help you ensure the success of your BAL4.TV yearbook program, Balfour provides extensive marketing and educational materials outlining best practices for use, promotion and sale of QR codes and related content.


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  2. Search by school zip code. For example, instead of the school name you can search by the school's zip code. Beverly Hills High School could be located by searching "90210".

If you still cannot locate your school, please contact Balfour Customer Support, and we will be glad to help you.