BAL4.TV creates an opportunity for educators to increase revenue and classroom learning. Teaching students cutting-edge techniques for creating content, and new ways of marketing using mobile and video promotions.

Sell More Yearbooks

Today’s students have grown up with digital content – it’s not new to them, it’s just a fact of life. BAL4.TV meets students in their world, with a multimedia experience that makes the yearbook more desirable, and will help increase sales.

Sell More Ad Pages

Videos linked to QR codes make great ads that are more attractive to advertisers. Now you can offer businesses and clubs a chance to sponsor exclusive video content and own niche pages, generating increased revenue for your school. We supply our customers with a guide for marketing these new opportunities. Contact your Balfour sales rep for more details.

BAL4.TV keeps your yearbook’s digital content secure and accessible only to those who can scan its QR codes or type in the associated URL. Your school’s video cannot be found through search engines or by browsing our site.

Manage One Channel

BAL4.TV gives each school’s yearbook its own dedicated channel. That means you can access all your videos online, in one convenient location.

Enhance Your Curriculum

BAL4.TV offers you an opportunity to teach students cutting-edge techniques for creating content. We make it easy, with a host of educational materials.


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