Graduation Products

Frequently Asked Questions – Graduation Products

High School Products

How can I purchase my graduation announcement, graduation invitation, tassel, thank you card set, and name cards?

Please contact your school representative for specific purchasing details or visit your school home page for additional information.

How do I get the balance due on my ordered products, and check on the status of my delivery?

Please contact your school representative for specific purchasing details or visit your school home page for additional information.

How do I view styles, pricing, and other design options?

If you are having difficulty seeing these details on our site, please contact your school representative for specific purchasing details. Visit your school home page for additional information.

College Products

What is a Personalized College Announcement?

A personalized college announcement is a traditional way to announce your achievement to your family and friends. Announcements include your name, degree, major, and the date, time and place of your commencement. All of this is incorporated into the text your college has chosen to announce your commencement.

Will my announcements come with envelopes?

Yes, all announcements come with matching inner and outer envelopes.

What is the actual size of the announcement?

Flat, the announcement will be 8 1/2″ x 11 7/8″. Folded, it will be 4 1/4″ x 5 7/8″.

Can I pay extra to have my order processed faster?

It will take approximately 10 business days plus shipping time to process your order from the date you place it. You can have the order shipped overnight instead of the standard ground method. This could save you up to 5 days depending on the state we will be shipping your order to.

Can I choose what I want my announcement to read?

You may change the name, degree information or, if there are multiple ceremonies, you may choose the one in which you will be participating. The balance of the text is determined by your university and cannot be changed.

What text is printed on the Certificate of Appreciation?

Be it known that [Name Certificate Is Gifted To] during the course of study, through personal sacrifice, selflessness, and without material reward, bestowed the support and understanding without which my graduation would not have been possible. This certificate is hereby conferred to honor and recognize the confidence, devotion, guidance, and assistance freely given in helping me obtain this important milestone in my life. Presented by [Your Name]


When should my personalized announcements be sent?

Announcements should be sent via first class mail two weeks before to two weeks after the event. Remember announcements are intended to tell the news of graduation. Many schools limit the number of guests the student can invite to the commencement.

How should the announcements be addressed?

Outer Envelope (Mailing envelope)

  • Legibly write the address by hand in black ink.
  • Use full names and formal titles. Do not abbreviate except for Mr., Mrs., Dr., Ms.
  • Do not use symbols (for example, do not use the “&” symbol)
  • Use figures only for house numbers and zip codes (for example, 273 West Sixth Street).
  • Write out the words “Street, Boulevard, Avenue, Trail, Circle, Drive”, etc.

Inner Envelope (contains the announcement)

  • The inner envelope can be addressed informally. Use the same tone you would in conversation (for example, Grandfather, Jennifer Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Jean and Ed).
  • Children’s names are included only on the inner envelope. (for example, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Nicole and Matthew).

How should the invitations be assembled?

Place the announcement inside the smaller inner envelope with the fold inserted first and the announcement cover facing the envelope flap. Do not seal or tuck the flap inside the envelope. Insert the smaller inner envelope into the larger outer envelope with the wording of the smaller envelope facing you. If an error is found, please contact our Customer Service Department (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST at 1-800-BALFOUR (800-225-3687).

Why are my announcements delivered Flat/Unfolded?

To preserve the integrity of the paper in shipping, announcements products are shipped flat and the customer is required to fold them. Instructions to do so are included.