Yearbook Ads

Frequently Asked Questions – Yearbook Ads

If you are creating an online (adBuilder) ad for your student, here are a few frequently-asked questions about image quality and text:

• For best results, uploaded images should be 300dpi in resolution or higher. Click here for information about checking an image’s resolution.
• Uploaded images should be in JPG or PNG formats. Click here for information on image formats; Click here to convert an image to JPG.
• Images should be RGB color mode, not CMYK. Most digital and smartphone cameras capture images in RGB. Click here for more information on color formats; Click here to convert an image.
• Images should be rotated to the desired orientation before uploading. Click here for several options to do this for an image.
• Text: Check for and remove extra lines/line breaks at the end of a text block. These extra lines count toward the overall copy length and can cause an unintended ‘copy does not fit’ error.