Yearbook Ads

Frequently Asked Questions – Yearbook Ads

Your school may offer student or business ads for purchase on Some schools allow their customers to design their own ads using our AdBuilder software while others only allow uploading of ad content (images & text). Below is helpful information on purchasing & accessing our system.

Video Walk-thru of designing your ad

Video Walk-thru of uploading your ad content

Do I need to design my ad before I can purchase it?
No. Balfour offers a "buy, then design" option, giving you flexibility to edit your ad in multiple design sessions before submitting it to the yearbook staff.

I purchased an ad on Where do I go to create it or upload my content?
Thank you for your purchase! You will receive an email when your workspace is available, directing you to log into using the credentials you set up during check-out. Click on My Orders to locate your order, and then click "Edit Now" to begin editing.

Why don’t I see an "Edit Now" button on my order?
If you do not see an "edit now" button, your ad is being managed by the yearbook staff at your school. They will communicate with you on how to send your images and text for ad design. If you have questions, reach out to your school’s yearbook adviser.

How do I upload my content so the yearbook staff can work on my ad?
Access My Orders from your account. Click "Edit Now" to launch into the workspace. Type the message you’d like to appear in the space provided on this page. Be sure to save your text. To add images, click "Edit" from the Ad Status page and upload pictures from your computer. Drag and drop the images into the image spaces provided on the left. Please put the images in priority order so the yearbook staff knows which pictures to use first. You do not have to upload the maximum number of photos.

How do I upload my images into the ad design system?
Images can be uploaded from your desktop into your ad workspace. If you have images on a phone or in the cloud, you will need to download them to your computer first before you can upload them into the ad workspace.

What image sizes and formats are recommended for my ad?
For best results, images should be 300dpi in resolution or higher. Click here for information about checking an image’s resolution. Uploaded images should be in JPG or PNG formats. Click here for information on image formats. Click here to convert an image to JPG.

Are there ad templates available?
For schools allowing their customers to design their own ads, you will see a "templates" section on the left of the editor window. Click that to access templates for the ad size purchased. Drag and drop to the ad to get started.

How do I make edits to a photo after I placed it on the ad?
To make edits, click on the image and a toolbar will pop up allowing you to rotate, crop, adjust or flip your images.

When do I need to submit my ad to the yearbook staff?
Each school’s deadline to submit varies. After clicking the "Edit Now" button on your ad purchase, a deadline date will appear for when the ad must be submitted.

What if I miss the deadline to submit my ad?
Because your ad will automatically lock on the deadline date, you will need to contact your school’s yearbook adviser for further options on submitting your ad.

Can the yearbook staff edit my ad after I submit?
Yes. The yearbook staff has access to edit all purchased ads after submission. Please note the yearbook staff may make slight adjustments to your ad to fit within the printing guidelines of the yearbook pages. Fonts and/or colors may also be changed to match the yearbook theme.

I am done editing my ad. How do I submit?
From the Ad Status page, click "Ready to Submit" to lock your ad and send it to the yearbook staff for placement in the yearbook.

I submitted my ad but now I need to edit it again.
Please contact your yearbook adviser for options on editing a submitted ad.