At-a-glance project snapshot dashboard

Always know what's happening with your yearbook with the at-a-glance dahsboard. Get what you need when you need it.

Book Completion Status

Always know where you stand in the book creation process

Customizable Shortcuts

Customize your dashboard shortcuts to suit any project

Deadline Insights

Gain visibility into where each member of your staff is at

Seasonal To-Do's

Add custom to-do's at any stage of your project

Comprehensive design toolset

Intuitive tools that enhance page layouts with advanced design features, image editing effects and customizable modules.

Yearbook marketing tools to sell your book

With tools like eMarketing and to help you cut through the clutter, marketing and selling your yearbook to students and parents is easier than ever.

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Everything you need to create and sell your stunning yearbook

Studioworks+ is an online yearbook design program that allows anyone to plan, organize and create great-looking yearbooks.

Empower your staff's creative side.

Design a spread in minutes with drag & drop templates, images and backgrounds. Content can even be dropped into a page from your desktop - no need to upload to a shared gallery!

Save time with dynamic portait flowing.

With dynamic portrait flowing, changes to names, grades or student images automatically reflect on the page without the hassle of reflowing.