Helping young adults discover their purpose, equip them for leadership and show them how to use their gifts to serve the world around them.

A mix of THRIVE Partners that offer unique and powerful programs that can easily be implemented to achieve short and long term goals.


Growing Leaders is a global non-profit leadership organization that has served 72 countries, 500,000 young leaders, and 8,000 schools and organizations around the world. Balfour is proud to partner with Growing Leaders as part of the THRIVE school and student enrichment program we offer middle schools, high schools and colleges.

The students in school today make up an EPIC Generation: Experiential – Participatory – Image-Rich – Connected

Their greatest needs center around emotional intelligence, moral intelligence, strengths discovery and leadership perspective. With its Habitudes® program, Growing Leaders uses images that form leadership habits and attitudes.


Real Life Leadership That Can Transform Society


How It Works


The philosophy is simple. People need two ingredients to mature into growing leaders: Events & Process. To fully equip and prepare, you need an event to spark the flame, and an ongoing process to keep it going.

Habitudes includes:
Speaking Events - Events are like a spark. Host the right event, at the right time, and it can ignite a movement. For this reason, a series of leadership keynotes and events are offered for staff and students which help you gain momentum and spark life change.

Training - Today’s young people don't learn like they used too. Long gone are the days of the lecture style of learning. Instead, they need a combination of experiences, participation, image-rich content, and connectivity. Growing Leaders offers training for faculty, staff, and facilitators so that you can connect, engage, and inspire today’s young adults.

Resources - Where events can ignite excitement, it’s the process that truly changes people. And with an ever-changing emerging generation, developing a process that can increase resiliency, emotional intelligence, strengths discovery and a leadership perspective can be difficult. That’s why Growing Leaders has created the Habitudes® resources which use images to form leadership habits and attitudes.


Designed by Dr. Elmore, the Habitudes leadership training curriculum is a fun, creative and engaging way for the next generation to learn and practice leadership.


Growing Leaders founder Dr. Tim Elmore is passionate about understanding the emerging generation and helping adults teach them how to become leaders in their schools, their communities and their careers.

He educates adults to help them understand the challenges and experiences today's generation faces and connect with them in a way that resonates. Dr. Elmore believes, by cultivating leadership abilities in young adults and encouraging the adults who guide them, Growing Leaders can be the catalyst for emerging generations that will truly change the world.