11 crazy college classes you wish you could take

Every college student has that moment when they look at their degree plan and feel overwhelmed. Between the basic courses required by the university and courses specific to one’s major, electives provide a chance to get outside of your comfort zone and have some fun. Here are some crazy college courses sure to make your college experience one to remember.

1. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse- Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior (Michigan State University)

Do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse? This online course will make you face challenging tasks to see if you’re able to survive disasters and catastrophes. It also examines how and why humans behave during these catastrophic events.

2. Tree Climbing (Cornell University)

Need a P.E. credit but don’t want to take just any P.E. class? Cornell University offers a tree climbing course, so students have a fun way to get their P.E. credit. The tree climbing class covers the basics of tree climbing and gives you the opportunity to take your learning to new heights.

3. #SelfieClass (University of Southern California)

#YAS Now this sounds like a class we could all ace. The catch is this class isn’t about how to take the perfect selfie. The #SelfieClass is a writing class that examines society’s influence on self-identity and how selfies are a critical part of that. #EasyA

4. How to Stage a Revolution (The Ohio State University)

Staging a revolution is quite the task. Some have created monumental change in the world while others weren’t so successful. This course compares revolutions and examines why some fail, and some succeed.

5. Disney Feature: Then and Now (UCLA)

This class analyzes Disney’s animated features and evaluates why the features have dominated until recently. This course does require some writing, but if it means we get to watch The Lion King or Lilo & Stitch during class, you can count us in.

6. Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé (Rutgers University)

If you love Beyoncé, you’ll probably love this class. This class isn’t about learning the moves to “Single Ladies” or the lyrics to “Formation,” it’s about examining Beyoncé’s rise as a political figure and her influence on class, race, and gender in U.S. society.

7. Pet Apparel Fashion and Design (Fashion Institute of Technology>

Imagine attending New York Fashion Week, but for pets. Whether you’re a lover of fashion or a lover of cute, cuddly animals, this class is for you. Class lessons include trendy pet fashion, design and safety tips and how to merchandise the apparel.

8. The Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara University)

Have you ever rummaged through a garbage can as if you were searching for hidden treasure? Then this class is for you. Explore the different ways that people dispose of garbage, as well as the impact that has on the environment. If sustainability is important to you this class will not be a waste.

9. Street-Fighting Mathematics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Who would’ve thought that there was actual math involved with street-fighting? This MIT class uses dimensional analysis, pictorial analysis, and other mathematical techniques to teach students how to solve problems without doing exact calculations, which we’re sure comes in handy during a street fight.

10. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame (University of South Carolina, Columbia)

Little Monsters rejoice! You might not be singing and dancing to your favorite Lady Gaga songs in this class, but you’ll get the chance to learn about the societal context that led to Lady Gaga’s fame. This course covers a multitude of conditions that Lady Gaga a pop icon.

11. Circus Arts (Triton College)

Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus? Well this course teaches you all the skills needed to join the circus, without you even having to step foot off campus. Some of the skills taught include juggling, unicycle riding, clowning, tight wire, tumbling, trampoline, and web rope.