Customer feedback meets product innovation


LLA Program

At Balfour, two of our main company initiatives are customer feedback and product innovation. The Launch Lab Ambassadors Program (LLA) gives us an opportunity to achieve both of those objectives. The LLA was designed to capture student and customer data that can be used to help determine future products, programs, and campaigns. For our high school side of the business, we use the program to get critiques on our publishing software. For our scholastic and collegiate business, the LLA is used to establish Balfour brand ambassadors on campuses across the United States and offers a chance to better our core products based on the feedback that we receive through this program, and offer exactly what our customers need.

Students & Advisers Gain:

• Business Understanding

• Job Experience

• Resume Enrichment

• Free Collateral

Program Benefits:

• User-friendly

• Real Time Feedback

• Competitive Analysis

• Brand Recognition

After being established in the fall of 2018, the Launch Lab Ambassador Program has taken off quickly and gained traction rapidly. We are always looking for feedback and new people to join on our team. If you are interested in joining the program, please fill out the survey below!