Create memories that will last a lifetime with Boombox®

Best. Gift. Ever. Boom!

Invite friends, family, teachers and coaches from anywhere in the world to collaborate digitally on a collection of messages, photos and memories for your graduate. Boombox will design every message into a beautiful collection that brings the party to you wherever you are.

A Boombox can be gifted two ways:

How it works:


Purchase your Boombox or Digital Boom here, and we'll send you a custom code to use on the Boombox website.

Upload & Invite

Upload messages, memories and photos to your private Boombox web page, and invite loved ones to participate by email invite or hyperlink.


Give a deeply sentimental tribute to your graduate, filled with priceless sentiments from loved ones, teachers and coaches.

Boombox Graduation Congratulations Gift

Boombox is one of the best ways to celebrate a graduate’s achievement. Collaborate with a grad’s friends, family and other important people in their life to create an unforgettable keepsake. Each person can write custom text and upload photos to design a special congratulations. This collection of messages will be sent to the grad in your choice of print or digital format and become their favorite gift.