University of California Santa Barbara - Five cool clubs on campus

group work With more than 500 student organizations to choose from at The University of California, Santa Barbara, it can be hard to decide which club is right for you. When choosing a club, it is wise to make a list of your hobbies, interests, beliefs and goals. By creating a list, you'll be able to understand which direction to take. Here are five noteworthy clubs offered at UC Santa Barbra.

1. I Am That Girl: UC Santa Barbara

dancingBeing proud to be a woman is essential. Being proud to be a woman who uses her voice to empower women is crucial. That's why UCSB is the founding chapter of the international movement, I Am That Girl. The club's goal is to inspire girls to love, express and be exactly who they are. Whether it be walking to show solidarity in support of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month or spreading awareness that feminism is #LIT, this club strives to encourage young women on campus. Learn more at the official I Am That Girl: UC Santa Barbara Facebook page. 

2. Camp Kesem

Kid at ziplineAnyone who has experienced a family member suffering from cancer knows the devastation it can have on a family. When it's a child coping with a parent who has cancer, they often need a supportive, inclusive environment. Camp Kesem is a nationwide community of passionate college students providing children with support through and beyond their parent's cancer. It currently operates over 60 chapters in 29 states and is funded by donations and community support. This camp is a free jammed pack week filled with swimming, messy games, dancing and laughter. For more information visit:

3. EDM for Charity

SoundboardEDM is an ever-evolving genre of music. DJs who create this music are passionate beings who strive for greatness. EDM for charity - UCSB is a fun and safe organization where local DJs and musical talent come together to perform for an audience. These concerts generate revenue aimed towards selected charities. This club is perfect for the person who loves not only to make music, but a difference as well. For more information visit:

4. Baba Nana

dancingHeal and pour out your emotions in a "safe zone" by joining Baba Nana. This organization encourages students, especially international students, to express themselves completely through performance and Improv. For more information visit:

5. Dragon Boat Club at UCSB

Front of Dragon BoatMore than 2,000 years ago, Dragon Boat racing played a part in traditional Chinese festivals, and it continues to be practiced competitively today. Races not only compete nationally but internationally as well. This is an excellent opportunity to work as a team. Dragon Boat Club gives you a great workout, nice tan, and new friends. How could you go wrong? For more information visit: