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Front side

Jacket Anatomy:

Create your unique style with more personalization than ever! Choose from an incredible range of patch designs and enhancements, embroldery options and Swiss Inserts.

Embroided name
Graduation year patch
Award letter
Mascot patch
Activity patch
Swiss insert
Embroided name
Mascot patch
Graduation year patch
Activity patch
Award letter
Swiss insert

Back side

We’ve got your back

Proudly display the name of your school on the back of your jacket – choose from a variety of customized patch configurations.

Straight with Tail

Show your year with pride

Your Year, Your Number

Celebrate your legacy with unique year and jersey number design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included with my letter jacket?

The letter jacket includes the School Award Letter.

Any additional Patches or customization will be at an additional cost.

How and when do I order my letter jacket and extra patches?

Your school will notify you when you qualify for your letter jacket. Two ways to order your jacket:

1. Get fit at a school sizing event. This will be run by a Balfour representative. Then you can order and pay online.

2. You can log into the Balfour letter jacket page: https://buy.balfourletterjacket.com and enter your own measurements (instructions provided). Then you can pay online.

How do I know my jacket size?

Two options for getting your jacket size:

1. Sizing events will be run will by a Balfour representative at your school on the order date. You will try on an actual jacket to get a feel for the size and will confirm your size choice at that time.

2. If you order your letter jacket on Balfour.com at : https://buy.balfourletterjacket.com you will see instructions on how to measure yourself and other information to make the process as accurate as possible.

Why should I order my patches and personalization options now?

You save money by purchasing your jacket and patches together in a package. Plus, your jacket will arrive ready to wear with all patches sewn on! Award patches will be sewn on as part of the jacket creation. All stitching will be hidden under the liner.

All patches are color-coordinated to match your jacket and letter exactly. If you order patches after the original order date, your patches will be shipped separately, and you will be responsible for having them sewn on.

What if I just need to order patches for my letter jacket?

Patches can also be ordered online for available schools. Also, your Balfour sales representative can assist you with ordering more patches.

When and where will my letter jacket be delivered?

Your jacket will be delivered to your local sales representative, sent directly to your school or delivered to your home. Check the email you representative to confirm the delivery date and destination.

What if I need alterations or repairs to my letter jacket?

If you need to make alterations or repairs to your jacket, your local Balfour sales representative can assist you. Please note that due to the bulk size of the jacket, the fastest and most affordable way to have your jacket altered is through your local alteration shop.

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