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Military Books

Show your pride. Balfour is a leading publisher of commemorative books for every division of the military. If you and your fellow soldiers want to capture your achievements, tell your story or remember a particular event, Balfour is here to help. Our exclusive publishing services help you to create custom military yearbooks.

31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade

The 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade chronicled their complex 2009 mission in South Asia.


Highlights personal achievements of veterans from the community of Wayland, Massachusetts.

USS Kearsarge

Chronicles the personal reflections, mission and achievements of the USS Kearsarge’s deployment.

For assistance in planning your project, Balfour is ready and willing to help you in:

  • gathering content
  • shooting and organizing photography
  • designing covers and pages
  • managing the fundraising process
  • coordinating your final delivery

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