School Lunches from Around the World

Lunch is usually high on the list of a student’s favorite part of the school day. It is a chance to interact with your friends and classmates in a relaxed setting and refuel for the rest of school day. Ever wonder what students from other countries eat? Here’s how the school lunch from the United States stacks up against other countries:

United States


In the United States lunch typically consists of a carton of milk, a side of veggies like peas or carrots, a fruit and a main entrée. The main entrée varies from a slice of pizza, to a hamburger or even grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.


Italian food is known for being locally sourced and fresh. A typical Italian student’s lunch might include pasta with a white or red sauce, a source of protein like a local fish, a side of caprice salad, a fresh piece of baguette and an apple.


Thai food includes a heavy rice base diet. Thai students sometimes have the option of substituting noodles instead of rice. They enjoy a piece of chicken, an egg and a side of green beans during their lunch break.


Public schools in Colombia take the responsibility of providing student lunches at no charge to the family. This hot meal may include soup, rice and beans or pasta, a source of protein like chicken, a side salad and a fruit.


Most students from India bring a school lunch from home. This lunch typically consists of naan (an Indian flatbread), rice, curry and a snack like yogurt.

South Korea

In South Korea, not only do teachers and students eat together, they also eat the same lunch that the school gives out for an affordable price. While the lunches change daily, the staples you can count on are rice or noodles, soup and kimchi. School lunches across the globe are a true reflection of each culture’s tastes and resources. While the food may be different, one thing’s for sure: hungry students exist everywhere! All images courtesy of Catherine and Johnny owners of the Instagram account @jatventures.