Blast to the Past: Advice to our freshmen selves

Freshman year of high school is an exciting period of a student’s life. Filled with meeting new people, taking more challenging classes and learning more about life. As freshman grow up, graduate and get jobs it’s fun to look back on what how’ve have throughout the years.

Balfour marketing employees look back on their experience as freshman and give their freshman-self advice. What advice they wish they would’ve had going into freshman year.


Find your tribe

You don’t have to be friends with the first people you meet. Take time and make sure you’re surrounding yourself with your type of people. EVERYONE says it and you aren’t going to believe it but focus on your grades freshman year! It only gets harder and it’s a great time to build a good GPA foundation.” – Caroline Blevins, Marketing Intern


Take the risks (and ask her out!)

“Ask Mary Towner out, she has a big crush on you and, apparently, still does 35 years later! You are not Superman, but you should still play with reckless abandon and fly around the field as though you are. Take debate and stick with it, this will help you with your public speaking and law school applications.” – Kim Hawley, VP of Commercial Sales


Be patient and enjoy it

"Everything happens at its own time and in its own way. Therefore, enjoy the time you have to the fullest, but always work for a better future." – Valentino Bueno, Regional Marketing Coordinator


Show your colors 

“Style is big part of your life. Fashion is a way you express yourself and feel most confident, as bold as that may be. Not every fashion choice will be the best but when walking into a new environment it is easy to hold back from being who you are. Never let people change the way you feel about yourself.  Be bold, wear the blue lipstick, bright colors or Hawaiian button up shirts. Feeling your best encourages you to do your best. Lastly, prepare for rough haircuts ahead.” – Macey Mercer, Regional Marketing Coordinator


Gain a new perspective

"Expand your world view. Step outside of your comfort zone. Life is so much bigger than what you think you know." – Chelsey Wiley, Manager of User Experience


Stop worrying 

“Don’t worry about others, and do you. High school is important, the popularity aspect of it isn’t.” Jackson Latimer, Brand Manager and Events Coordinator


Speak up

“It’s okay to reach out for help. If you’re struggling in a class, your teachers are always more than happy to help you understand the subject. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask questions. Chances are other people in the class are probably confused too.” – Anna Nguyen


Learn to be self aware

"We often hear the advice ‘be yourself’ when it comes to personal and professional situations—While being yourself is important, be careful with the amount of information and opinions you express around others. Be mindful of different perspectives, ideas, and cultures. Think about tact and timing. This isn’t about being fake or being insincere, it’s about showing a tactful intelligence that demonstrates a willingness to grow and evolve as a person and as a leader. Being aware of how you come across brings success on both a personal and professional level.” – Evan Benet, Senior Manager of B2B Marketing


Keep an eye out for opportunities

“Be yourself, go with the flow, and step out of your comfort zone when opportunities arise!” –Avery Logan, Regional Marketing Coordinator


Challenges are the building blocks of success

You are so much smarter than you think you are! Don’t let your dyslexia hold you back, it’s just another challenge that will help you grow into who you are going to be.” – Shelby Richardson, Scholastic Print Media Coordinator 


Keep going!

“You know you love writing, keep doing it!”  – Camille Thomas, Copywriter