University of Oregon Photoshoot Locations

Seniors who are graduating, a group of best friends, or showing Duck pride are all reasons why taking pictures is the perfect way to express the hard work and friendships that have been made. Pictures help students remember the most exciting four years of your life. However, finding a location can be very difficult. Balfour wants to make sure you take the best pictures while on campus. We’ve chosen the top five places to go and make memories last a lifetime. 

1.) Lillis Business Complex

Lillis business complex

Photo: @oliviagoldrich

One of the "greenest" business school facilities in the U.S., Lillis Business Complex is exploding with Duck pride. This is a perfect way to tell the world of all of your accomplishments. Send a picture to your parents because they would love a picture to show all of their friends your hard work, goals and accomplishments. This location does it all, which makes this the place to take a "proud of myself" picture.


2.) Super-Sized Duck

Super-sized duck

Photo: @alexandratorch

This eight-foot-tall statue is a great spot for throwing the "O" sign in a photo. Not only is he the school mascot but the embodiment of school spirit. Students can show Duck pride by taking a picture with him by the plaza between the alumni center and the arena.

 3.) Hayward Field

Hayward field

Photo: @joseluis.gandara

The front of Hayward Field is a great photo to take with friends or teammates who share the love of sports. If you're a player, the picture shows how hard you worked during every game on that field, and if you're a fan, it will remind you of the moments you've spent cheering on your team.

4.) Kesey Square

Kesey square

Photo: @joseluis.gandara

Kesey Square, also known as Broadway Plaza, is approximately five minutes away from campus. The square is the right place for pictures of dancing, playing instruments or senior photos.


5.) Allen Hall

 Allen hall

photo: Marion Dean Ross, 1961

This journalism building was built in 1923, making it a wonderful wide shot opportunity for senior photos, especially for journalism majors.