The Official Ring, The Tie That Binds

Schools with strong traditions enjoy higher student retention rates, student volunteerism, and alumni donor participation than schools without such traditions. No wonder there is a prevailing trend on campuses to cultivate a sense of tradition among students and alumni. An official ring is a proud and visible symbol of the connection that students and alumni share with their alma mater.

Successful Ring Traditions Require Cooperation and Commitment

To build the most successful program possible, we need the cooperation, approval, and support of the student government and body, school administration, the alumni association, even the campus bookstore! 

Start a College Ring Tradition at Your School

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Commemorate Your School's Legacy

An Official Ring gives every student of a university a single, unified symbol.

Why an Official Ring Program?

\An Official Ring gives every successful student—past, present, and future— a single, unified and recognizable symbol to share with fellow alumni, no matter where life’s journey takes them. Students can commemorate their legacy with personal customizations that make their ring special to them while still maintaining the noble traditions of their alma mater.