Project Repat Custom Xtra Long Twin T-Shirt Quilt


Project Repat Custom Xtra Long Twin T-Shirt Quilt

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SKU A0233134A0000
Bed Size Twin XL
Bedding Set Contents Quilt
Country Made in the USA

This graduation gift is sure to be cherished forever! Transform 28 of your favorite shirts into a Balfour exclusive extra-long twin size quilt measuring four feet by seven feet. Your quilt can include any combination of T-shirts, sweatshirts, dri-fit and tech fabric shirts, jerseys and button-down shirts. Choose from seven fleece backing colors. Your quilt can be appreciated year-round as a lap blanket or wall decoration.

More than 300,000 very happy customers are enjoying the most affordable T-shirt quilt in the world, as seen on the Today Show! Here’s how it works:
• Place your order, and in 3-5 days you’ll receive a redemption code.
• Visit to redeem your order and receive shipping instructions and pricing details.
• Follow the online instructions, choose your quilt’s fleece backing color (choose from navy, gray, black, light blue, purple, orchid, red or green), properly prep and package your shirts in a box and drop in the mail.
• Receive your finished quilt in 3-4 weeks! Manufactured direct from a trusted supplier.

Please join in Balfour’s sustainability initiative and be mindful of waste prevention opportunities. Repurpose your achievements and protect the environment for future generations.

Estimated Delivery 10-15 business days