Weekender Journey Wrap

SKU A0204922
Finger Size Minimum 2
Finger Size Max 15
Country Imported
Finger Size Increment Half
Gender Women's
Ring Style Class Ring

Add an extra layer of customized beauty to your Weekender Journey Class Ring to create an even more unique ring style. The Weekender Journey Wrap comfortably fits around your Weekender Journey Ring, seamlessly matching the contours. Complement or contrast the look of your ring with your choice of metal and 54 stones of either genuine or simulated diamonds.

Depending on availability, simulated diamonds may be Zirconia by Swarovski® or other simulated diamonds. Simulated diamonds are laboratory-made, not mined gemstones. They have varying characteristics, such as hardness, different densities (weight-to-volume ratio), and “fire” or amount of color, which result in variations in overall appearance.

Estimated Delivery

4-6 weeks or School Delivery

Due to the effects COVID-19 has had on 3rd party shipping, the delivery of your class jewelry may be delayed an additional week outside of our normal estimated delivery window.