Ten questions to ask when visiting a college campus

When visiting a college campus, it is important to know the ins and outs of the school you might call home for the next four years. Here are the top 10 questions to ask when visiting a potential college. Purdue University Campus

1. What is the average class size?

While some colleges boast of small class sizes similar to that of a high school, others will offer freshman courses numbering in the hundreds. It’s important to know ahead of time as this learning style can be intimidating to some. Finding a school with a class size that best fits your learning style is key.

2. What are the most prominent majors on campus?

Choosing a major is inevitable in college, and you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your career goals. Students change majors depending on values, skills, earning potential down the line and job forecasting. Your major will help guide your future career path, so it is important to know if the college you are considering offers the majors right for you.

What food options are available on campus?

Access to food is very important to health and self-care in college. Be sure to find out what food options exist on campus as well as how late the cafeterias stay open. This can be a huge factor when picking a potential college. Studying long hours has an impact on your appetite, so late night cafeteria hours can help fuel your study sessions. Be sure to ask about vegan and other dietary options as this too is vital information when choosing the right college.

4. How late does the library stay open?

Studying is a key component to being successful in college, so it is only right to ask questions about the library and the services provided. Some libraries such as Willis Library located on the campus of the University of North Texas, provides laptops to students who may not own one, quiet floors and a small cafe for students who love coffee. These amenities can set a school apart from others.

5. How much freedom does a freshman have when it comes to selecting classes?

When transitioning from high school to college you are under the impression classes are selected for you like the counselors did in school. When going to college, things operate differently. You create your own schedule and pick classes based on your audit. Your college classes are set up how you’d like which is a great perk of being in college.

6. How much access will I have to professors outside of class?

While touring campuses, do not be afraid to ask about what kind of help you can receive from professors outside of the scheduled class times. Usually professors have office hours which are designated times that students can come in and receive help from professors.

7. Does the university help with career placement?

Career centers are one of the most useful tools in college when it comes to career placement. Do you know for sure if the college you are visiting has a career center? Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, but a job after graduation is just as important. So make sure you ask, “Does the university help with career placement?”

8. What extracurricular activities are available on campus?

One key component to college is getting involved on campus. This is important to networking and making new friends. If a school has a variety of options when it comes to life outside of the classroom, your experience will be exponentially better. Organizations also help with retention at colleges. The more you get involved, you are doing yourself a great service and adding so much value to your college experience.

9. What is the sports atmosphere like on campus?

If sports are important to you, knowing the athletic culture around campus will be important. This adds so much value in the tradition of the college you choose, so ask questions about which sports are popular, as well as any traditions on campus revolving around athletics. Traditions like pre-game pep-rallies and tailgating before football games can add so many memories to your college experience.

10. What does the town have to offer in off-campus options?

Life is all about balance. One great question to ask is about things to do off campus or around the town. What you do during your leisure time is just as important as working hard in the classroom. Finding fun or relaxing things to do can make you feel more comfortable at your new home away from home. These questions will definitely help you better understand what college will be like and ultimately help you decide which school is the best fit for you. Do not be afraid to ask about resident life on campus because that is vital to college life. The community in which you live can be a great help to your college experience. With these questions you are now set to take on any college visit.