Best Places to Study at the University of Houston

As you progress through your college experience, you begin to realize the importance of finding a nice, quiet and sometimes food-accessible area to study. With the University of Houston being a top-tier school in Texas, it’s no surprise the University has several top-tier locations for all your study needs without ever leaving campus.

Student Center South – Second Floor

Student Center South at University of HoustonStudent Center South is known for its food court and entertainment center, but luckily for UH students, the second floor has a large array of offices and study rooms to help you ace that exam. The rooms include Wi-Fi, dry-erase boards and even have seating for 10 students per room for large study groups or class projects.

Cullen Family Plaza Fountain and Reflection Pool

Cullen family plaza fountain and reflection pool at the University of HoustonIf you’re the nature type and love to soak in the sun while you study, then this area is just for you. The Cullen family plaza fountain and reflection pool is located right in front of the E. Cullen Building. The location isn’t generally in the path of students walking to class so it makes the area quiet and serene. WiFi connections may by spotty, which makes this a great spot to disconnect and laser-focus on your upcoming mid-term.

Cougar Woods Dining Hall

Cougar woods dining hall at the University of HoustonCougar Woods dining hall is rarely crowded with people, which makes it the perfect spot to study flawlessly. The dining area is open until 1 a.m. so you won’t have to worry about packing up early when you are hitting a stride. Feeling a bit tired? Coffee and tea are available at your leisure as well.

Cougar Grounds

coffee from cougar grounds at the University of HoustonIf your study session is incomplete without a cup of Joe, then this cute student-run coffee-house is perfect for you. The owner, Dirk Smith, wanted the coffee shop to be staffed with only students enrolled in hospitality. This cozy environment is located on the first floor of the College’s South Wing which also happens to be inside of a Hilton hotel. The Hilton hotel attached to the school is a great environment for hospitality students to cultivate their career and learn more about business operations.

M.D. Anderson Library

M.D. Anderson Library at the University of HoustonWe can’t talk about studying without paying respect to the campus library, an iconic place of study and usually the most convenient. The library is sectioned off into several floors to meet your study needs, including silent floors where you can focus without distraction. There are over 40 group study rooms available, as well as a plethora of single-study carrels, making the M.D Anderson library a great option for everyone. A great perk about using the school library is getting access to a Cougar Card, which allows for $7.50 for printing use. When it comes to studying, there are several great options as you attend the University of Houston. Pick the spot that best works for you as you work towards accomplish your degree.