Your Class Ring - A lifelong connection to UTD

From the first class to the final walk across the graduation stage, so much happens at UT Dallas to shape a student’s life and future. While the big moments in each student’s journey will differ, getting a class ring is a unique UTD tradition shared by many.

The UTD ring tradition began in 2001 to connect the students and their rings to the University forever.  On the night before the ring ceremony, the new rings are placed in a box in the president’s office where they’ll spend their final night before being presented to each deserving student.

 UTD rings in president’s office

Two professors at the school share a role in this tradition as well. Dr. John Hoffman, physics professor emeritus, uses equipment used in space to enclose the rings in their box, which is built by Dr. John Hoffman, geosciences professor emeritus, using wood from the original Founders Building on campus. The rings are also surrounded by fake moon dirt, a simulated material developed by Carter. The contributions of these professors allow the ring to be connected to the universities roots in science and exploration.

UTD ring placed in fake moon dirtAfter the rings are presented to the students in a ceremony before graduation day, the final ring tradition concluded with a ring dunk in the reflecting pools on campus.

Students dunk rings after ring ceremony

The ring itself is designed using many different symbols special to the University.

The top of the ring stands out with the bold “UTD” letters, and some students opt to include a small diamond above the “T”.

One side of the ring shows the Texas flag and the Lone Star with a comet shooting across it, showing the school’s strong roots in science and technology. A space next to the Texas flag allows students to add their degree letters. The opposite side of the ring displays the University seal and graduation year.

UTD Ring Design

Many moments shape a student’s life at UTD. Participating in the class ring tradition and wearing the class ring, serves as a tangible reminder of those memories for decades to come.

Wear your ring with pride and let everyone know you’re a UTD alum.