Thrive Growth & Greatness

THRIVE is a network of nationally recognized organizations that provide industry-leading school enrichment programs to develop student leaders by promoting accountability and respect on school campuses. Through Balfour's partnership with nearly 10,000 middle schools, high schools, and universities, THRIVE aims to bring awareness and solutions to current issues and social challenges while motivating students to reach their goals.

Fresh Start

Freshman Success Program

Introduce incoming freshman to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in high school and college. Video and print content is available for schools to use throughout students’ first year in their new environment.

Who: Educators, high school freshman and high school seniors.

What: Generally formatted as a year beginning assembly along with optional supplemental booklets; program may also be set up like a class.


Speaker Series / Video Series

Engaging, professional speakers connect with students on subjects such as Bullying, College and Career Prep, Dropout Prevention and more. The Balfour THRIVE Youth Speakers Video Series provides convenient access to specific speeches as needed.

Who: Students and educators.

What: One-day event, multi-school event or complete video series.

Growing Leaders

Leadership Training

A leadership development curriculum that empowers educators and adult leaders to prepare any student for the future. For students, both outgoing or shy, whether earning straight As or Cs.

Who: Educators and adult leaders.

What: Two-day workshop for educators; full-year curriculum for students.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Student-Athlete Success

A national nonprofit organization providing live workshops, online courses, and books to assist coaches, parents, and administration with tools to make youth athletics a positive, character building experience.

Who: Coaches, parents, administrators and leaders.

What: One-day speech/seminar and/or a semester-long curriculum.

Balfour 360

School Branding

Refresh the existing look and feel of a school or create an entirely new identity. Balfour 360 customizes its process to meet needs, providing 100% original design and branding solutions.

Who: School administrators and advisory team (faculty/students).

What: Extensive school re-branding available anytime; service takes 6-8 weeks from kick-off to completion.


Recognition & Awards

Partnering with high schools across America, Balfour bestows this traveling high-quality crystal to monthly award winners for display in their classroom or work area. When the Crystal Apple is awarded to the next winner, a replica Apple Award is given to the previous winner to keep.

Who: Teachers, administrators and counselors.

What: A monthly award allowing schools to recognize outstanding faculty.

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Building Character & Campus Culture

THRIVE is rich with best-in-class resources and programs that can transform schools, students and educators.