Bar Code Tracking

Balfour's regalia program features an industry-exclusive bar code system that can be used to track cap, gown and accessories from initial order to manufacturing to fulfillment and onto delivery to the correct graduate. Returns & exchanges can also be easily tracked.

Streamlined Order Management

As an administrator, you gain insight into all order status and shipment tracking at any time. Easily organize and manage all of your orders in one location.

Increase Sales and Productivity

Eliminate the frustrating and cumbersome task of chasing down students and parents by sending a quick email or text message with a link to your custom and secure Build-a-Grad website.

Exclusive Tracking Technology

Balfour's proprietary Build-a-Grad technology makes managing online ordering & registration easy. Customized to your specific needs, Build-A-Grad provides a secure portal that manages graduate registrations, and if needed, secure collection of payments.

Production and Fulfillment

Initial barcodes connect raw materials to the finished product. Individual barcodes are scanned to each graduate to ensure accurate fulfillment. 

Shipping and Delivery

Scanning the barcode connects the shipping information directly to the order, triggering shipping notifications and updates online ordering information.

Customer Service

Customers can easily contact customer service and locate information about delivery, sizing and product changes quickly and accurately.


Returns are handled with ease. Before cleaning, regalia is scanned to ensure accuracy of the check-in process, ensuring your inventory is accurate.

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Innovating Traditions

Balfour's Regalia program brings over 100 years of experience and expertise to campuses in support of their commencement traditions.

Fastest Growing Graduation Regalia Brand in North America

More high schools, colleges & universities are choosing Balfour as their trusted partner to manufacture, service & deliver the highest quality graduation regalia.