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Balfour has been enriching college and university ring traditions for over 100 years

Making the Case for an Official Ring Program

Our studies have shown that students are more likely to purchase a college ring if the school has an official ring program. By leveraging our experience in developing official ring programs across the country, we can help your institution establish an official ring tradition that will attract present and future students as well as alumni wanting to participate in the new tradition.

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With an official ring tradition, the ring is symbolic of your institution and the people that help it thrive year after year. 


The official ring is exclusively reserved for alumni and graduating students who have earned the right to wear it by successfully meeting your institution’s high standards.


We believe that the price of an official school ring should be aptly set and then never discounted. No sales, no promotions, no price cuts. 


Students can make their ring personal with engraving and customized side shank designs. Start with your school crest, logo and imbue it with your institution’s story.

History of the College Class Ring

History of the College Ring

The college ring has maintained its place as a cherished symbol of academic achievement at universities across the country for over seventy years. Balfour has grown this tradition with Official Ring Programs for hundreds of Universities across the country.

Start a College Ring Tradition at Your School

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Balfour College Ring Traditions

There is a prevailing trend on campuses in our nation to cultivate a sense of tradition among its students and alumni. It is Balfour’s goal to strengthen that tradition by developing Official Ring Programs at schools across the country.