THRIVE: Speaker Series

Engage with and motivate the young minds of today with dynamic youth speakers for middle schools, high schools and colleges.


The confluence of life’s challenges at school, home and socially can be overwhelming to today’s student. These affect attitude, behavior and motivation for success! Overcoming the barriers students face often involves gaining a broader perspective and learning simple life skills.

These are grounded in self-esteem, confidence, empathy and respect; four attributes critical to student happiness and success. Balfour has the proven resources you need to reach your students’ hearts and reenergize their inner motivation. Let us help empower your students to achieve success with our THRIVE Youth Speaker Series

THRIVE Speakers can visit your school and deliver powerful, entertaining and inspiring messages to your student body of any size. Check out their bios below and see some of most frequent topics they cover. They can also customize the perfect performance and message to connect with your students.


Blake Fly


Blake is on a mission to improve campus culture by helping people realize they matter. He inspires actions of appreciation, recognition and thoughtfulness into the daily routines of students, teachers and campus staff. Simply put, Blake helps students graduate happy and provides campuses with resources to make that possible.

The audience members come out thinking 'This guy knows everything. He is like a guru for students!' It's fantastic.” - High School Counselor

High School Topics (a sample)

  • Quality Friendships vs. Quantity Friendships (Online and Offline)
  • Getting judged and making that experience powerful rather than painful
  • The Social Spectrum: The debate between fitting in and standing out
  • Four practical steps to developing a positive reputation that inspires others
  • Saying thank you: Making others matter through the power of appreciation

College/University Topics

  • How to leave a leadership legacy and create positive change on campus
  • Maximizing every single tuition dollar by accessing campus resources
  • Reducing the risk of failure or dropping out of school
  • Strategies for balancing academics and personal life
  • How to ask for help when it matters most

He really touches students on a different level. He engages them, makes them laugh, and helps students put themselves out there.” - College Student


EJ Carrion


EJ Carrion wants students to prepare for success in school and in life and gets his message across in a powerful and entertaining way.

A best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and preeminent thought-leader on student success, EJ covers topics centered on student success, college and career prep, and motivation. He crafts messages for the different audiences of middle schools, high schools and colleges.

“EJ breaks down the path to success into three stages and 12 milestone markers that measure if you are on track. This is practical and useful for all students.” - School Administrator

“EJ was truly the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard.” - Student

Middle School & High School Topics

  • Student Accelerator: How to find your passion and take massive action
  • Get an A+ in school & life: Practical tools to break through limitations

College/University Topics

  • Accelerate your success: How to create your brightest future

For Student Leaders

  • Leadership that matters: How to turn up when the struggle is real

For Young Entrepreneurs

  • Winning startup secrets