Color Palettes

Easily set standardized color palettes to ensure color consistency across your book

Font Styles

Determine font sizes, styles, colors and weight across all pages of your book

Clear the clutter

Keep your project flow neat and tidy by creating sections, naming spreads and organizing your entire yearbook in one single place. Need to make a change? Just drag and drop into place.

Stay On Target

Set deadlines to fit your staff's workflow timelines, and you all can keep track of your status with an easily digestible progress bar. Green means all good, changing to red when things become overdue.

Master & Commander

Manage permissions, organize staff members by role, and delineate tasks to specific staff members. You've got complete control to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Easy Book Setup

Our step-by-step book setup process makes it easy to start off your project on the right foot.

One Yearbook, One Style

Maintain style consistency across your entire yearbook by setting book-wide font styles, page numbers, page guides and color palettes.